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Air Bag Complaints, Quickly Understood

Air Bag Complaints, Quickly Understood Issue General Motors was receiving complaints relating to the air bag in one of its vehicles. GM needed to be able to investigate if those issues were related to one specific make, model and model year, and/or to determine how widespread the issue really was. GM also wanted to learn
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Staying Alert with Custom Alerts

Staying Alert with Custom Alerts Issue A manufacturer wanted to easily and proactively track any new complaints received by NHTSA for an issue of interest on a daily basis. The Datrato Solution Unfortunately, there was no simple way to have this information delivered, since NHTSA does not publish the list of new complaints on a

Investigating the Investigator

Investigating the Investigator Issue In conducting complaint or other investigations, it is not uncommon for manufacturers to want to find similar investigations conducted by NHTSA—concurrent and historical. Perhaps the best way to find these similar investigations is to view other investigations by the investigator, since typically the same investigator is investigating similar issues. But for years,

From Data to Analysis Quicker than Ever

From Data to Analysis Quicker than Ever Issue Manufacturers need to compare product complaint data against other manufacturers in the market. It is critical to gather and analyze this data quickly in order to better understand areas for product improvement and to ascertain which specific components are receiving the most complaints, versus those products that
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Categorizing Complaints

Categorizing Complaints Issue NHTSA complaints data represents an extremely important data source for all manufacturers. Customer complaints are important to the manufacturers for multiple reasons, including customer feedback, product improvement, and so on…and that data might be used by  NHTSA to initiate an investigation into an issue. It also allows them to benchmark the issues

Manufacturer Profiles at a Glance

Manufacturer Profiles at a Glance Issue Manufacturers often want to view the overall picture about a particular company at a high level—as opposed to looking at specific complaints, for example. They may want to learn how many complaints are out there related to a given company, how many total investigations, how many recalls, etc. They
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