Datrato operates in the cloud: No software installation needed, and you never have to worry about software maintenance and upgrades.

It is available wherever and whenever you have access to the Internet: on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone!


1.) DATA

Datrato stores and accesses data—refreshed on a daily basis—from:

  • NHTSA Complaints
  • NHTSA Investigations
  • NHTSA Recalls
  • NHTSA Technical Service Bulletins
  • NHTSA Early Warning Volumes
  • NHTSA Early Warning Death & Injury Information
  • NHTSA Early Warning Property Damage Information
  • NHTSA Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)
  • CAS Complaints Information


Datrato users can perform a simple word search, involving as little as one keyword, or an extremely complicated word search, involving hundreds of combinations of keywords and phrases. Datrato even allows for “proximity search” —  going beyond the simple matching of words by adding the constraint of proximity, and generally regarded as a form of advanced search which looks for complaints where two or more separately matching term occurrences are within a specified distance, where distance is the number of intermediate words. (For example air-bag related complaints for all manufacturers for model year 2005-2013, or complaints where (‘inadvertent’ or ‘accidental’) appears within 5 words of ‘deploy.’)

Datrato provides:

  • Instant reports, complete with highlighted keywords to allow for quick review and ease of comprehension
  • Interactive reporting, allowing the user to drill down deeply into data sets
  • Custom alerts and notifications relative to new investigations, complaints or NHTSA documents, as well as informational reports on complaints and recalls—delivered on demand.


Once a search is performed, the information is analyzed and presented in multiple ways to make the data understandable for any level of user. From expert to layman, the easy-to-sort reports allow users to get to what they need in a fast, efficient manner. Reports are quickly available to display statistical and analytical data.

CLICK HERE to see how customizable and powerful these reports become!

Data Sources:

  • Complete Complaints, Recalls, Investigations, Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) and Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)  data available from NHTSA
  • Complete Complaints data available from CAS
  • Complete Early Warning Volume, Early Warning Death and Injuries, Early Warning Property Damage data from NHTSA
  • All the associated documents available for Complaints, Recalls, Investigations, and Technical Service Bulletin
All data updated on a daily basis!


Datrato Technology:

  • Information parsed and processed for all Open Resumes, Close Resume, and inquiry letters for all investigations
  • Very powerful, flexible and intuitive search
    • Multiple keywords search (e.g., ‘engine’ with ‘fire’ or ‘smoke’ or ‘flame’)
    • Proximity search (keyword A is near keyword B: e.g., ‘airbag’ near ‘deploy’)
    • Multiple parameter combinations, which may include model year, manufacturer, make and/or model  (e.g., ‘2012-2013 Ford, GM, or Toyota vehicles’)
    • Search by date ranges: Search by activities in a given week, month, quarter or year, providing rate per vehicles built. (e.g., all complaints in January 2013 for Ford, all complaints in last month, etc.)
    • Powerful categorization functionality: Track the new complaints added by NHTSA on a daily basis, with the ability to read and categorize  complaints in order to keep ahead of issues and address them.
    • Searches within searches, which allows the user to perform word search or proximity search on an existing search, in order to further refine the result set (e.g.: existing word search for ‘airbag’ and sub-search for ‘airbag did not deploy’)
Ease of Use:
  • All searches and results are automatically saved, to allow user to view them at a later date.
  • Statistical analysis is automatically performed on each search.
  • Multiple format reports are available for each search (e.g., tabular list reports, detailed print report, graphical chart reports, and statistical analysis reports).
  • Selective printing allows users to print one or more reports from a collection of reports.
  • Generate PDF reports with a single click.
  • Allows downloading of the data for further analysis.
Robust Reporting:
  • Provides statistical summary reports with drill-down capabilities, to allow the users to look at the big picture as well as allow them to further drill down all the way to the detailed report.
  • Provides custom statistical analysis reports in graphical drill-down format.
  • Specialized Statistical Analysis Reports only available in Datrato:
    • Complaint Rate Analysis: compares the complaint rate across various manufacturers, make, model and model years.
    • Proportion Analysis: This report evaluates on a probability basis, if the proportions of complaints measured on different make, models, components, etc., can be considered equivalent or significantly different.
    • Manufacturer Profile Report: Shows the snapshot of the company in one glance with information about Complaints, Recalls, Investigations, TSBs, Volume, Death & Injuries, Property Damage and CAS Complaints.
    • Investigator Profile Report: Shows the snapshot information about the NHTSA investigator, such as number of investigations, open investigations, closed investigations, percent investigations upgraded, etc.


Datrato offers three engagement models for users. Contact us today to determine which is best for you:


Standard Subscription Includes:
  • Datrato Web-based solution, with data sets:
    • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
      • Defect Investigations
      • Recalls
      • Complaints
      • Technical Service Bulletins
    • The Center for Auto Safety (CAS)
      • Complaints
  • Robust search functionality
    • word/phrase searches
    • investigation number searches
    • recall number searches
    • complaint number searches
    • TSB number searches
    • frequency and chart drill-down report generation
    • access to five (5) custom word searches and/or custom search filtrations in total
  • Document management system
    • Ability to view and download documents
    • Ability to view and search on the content of the documents
    • Ability to receive customized alerts for the documents
Premium Subscription Includes:
  • Everything in Standard Subscription
  • Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).
  • Early warning data
    • Production Volume
    • Death and Injury
    • Property Damage
  • Advanced search and statistical analysis:
    • Access to the statistical analysis functionality for defect investigations, recalls and complaints, including: :
      • Tabular statistics report
      • Statistical chart report by manufacturer
      • Statistical chart report by component
    • Additionally, for the complaint data module, the ability to perform complaint rate analysis, time-base analysis and proportion analysis.


Keep the river of intelligence flowing! 

Alerts are set up as repeating events to notify users of new information available from any data source for any specific time period.

Either for a search you’ve already performed or for informational reports of any kind, custom alerts can be sent to you on demand. Examples of alerts available with Datrato include:

New Activities Alerts
  • New Investigation in the system for a specific company (for example, every time a new investigation is created for Honda)
  • New Complaint in the system for a specific type (for example, new defect petition complaint for Hyundai)
  • New Complaint for a specific set of keywords (for example, when a new airbag-related complaint for Nissan has been received)
  • New Document added to the system by NHTSA (for example, manufacturers recall quarterly reports)
Informational Reports Alerts
  • Weekly Fire/Injury/Crash/Death Complaints Report
  • Daily New Complaints Report for a company
  • Monthly Investigation/Recall Reports
  • Weekly Investigation/Recall Reports
  • Monthly Complaint Rate Report
Custom Studies Alerts
  • Custom alerts based on any criteria you specify!
Custom Studies
  • Perform complex data extractions and analysis per your individual needs
  • Provide various reports to help understand the data and make decisions
  • Optional ongoing alerts for matches relative to your study
  • Can be performed on any data source (e.g., Investigations, Complaints, Recalls and Documents)
New activities are loaded daily. Custom alerts which can be provided according to any schedule the user dictates.


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