Manufacturer Profiles at a Glance

Manufacturer Profiles at a Glance

Manufacturers often want to view the overall picture about a particular company at a high level—as opposed to looking at specific complaints, for example. They may want to learn how many complaints are out there related to a given company, how many total investigations, how many recalls, etc. They may also be seeking information such as how a company is performing year over year, which components have the greatest number of complaints, etc. These are very important measuring guidelines for a manufacturer to have access to.

Unfortunately, no such information is available anywhere. The information is not even available for a single data source, let alone for every data source ranging from complaints to recalls to production volume to death and injuries, etc. The best a company can do at this time is gather partial information, but at significant time and expense. Just to get data even for complaints (that is, only one data source), they would need to download the complete data, analyze the data, and generate reports from that data by spending an enormous amount of of manpower and money.

Until now.

Datrato Solution
Datrato does all of this and more with one click click of a mouse. The Datrato system collects all of the required information automatically on a daily basis. It does the necessary analysis and processing. It generates the necessary reports. All behind the scenes on a daily basis, so the user can just click on one link and receive complete profile information for the company—including complaints, recalls, investigations, technical service bulletins, production volume, deaths, injuries, and property damage information.

The profile also allows a user to view the investigations, recalls and complaints graphs by component and by calendar year. It also displays the early warning data for that manufacturer, consisting of graphs that detail early warning volume by model years, deaths by components, injuries by components, and property damage by components.

All in one easy-to-use, powerful solution!

Manufacturer Profile Report
Figure 1: Manufacturer Profile Report (Page 1/5)

Figure 2: Manufacturer Profile Report (Page 2/5)

Figure 3: Manufacturer Profile Report (Page 3/5)

Figure 4: Manufacturer Profile Report (Page 4/5)

Figure 5: Manufacturer Profile Report (Page 5/5)


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