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Datrato is a powerful and efficient data collection and analysis solution that quickly and seamlessly provides data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Center for Auto Safety (CAS), taking disparate and complex data sets and delivering accessible and reliable intelligence.

  • Subscription-Based Services

    Subscription-Based Services

    Basic or advanced subscription models to provide customized access to NHTSA and CAS data, including statistical analysis, powerful and flexible search functionality, custom reporting options, powerful categorization functionality, and custom alerts and notifications.
  • Individual Data Studies

    Individual Data Studies

    Customized and professional data studies based on your needs to extract, identify, and understand/analyze NHTSA data sources, for a custom criteria such as manufacturer, make, model, year, complaint type or warning issue.
  • Customized Alerts

    Customized Alerts

    Specific and targeted alerts relative to new investigations, complaints, recalls or NHTSA documents, as well as informational reports on complaints investigations and recalls—delivered on demand.
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