Customized Alerts

Customized Alerts

Keep the river of intelligence flowing! 

Alerts are set up as repeating events to notify users of new information available from any data source for any specific time period.

Either for a search you’ve already performed or for informational reports of any kind, custom alerts can be sent to you on demand:

New Activities Alerts
  • New Investigation in the system for a specific company
  • New Complaint in the system for a specific type
  • New Complaint for a specific set of keywords
  • New Document added to the system by NHTSA
Informational Reports Alerts
  • Weekly Fire/Injury/Crash/Death Complaints Report
  • Daily New Complaints Report for a company
  • Monthly Investigation/Recall Reports
  • Weekly Investigation/Recall Reports
  • Monthly Complaint Rate Report
Custom Studies Alerts
  • Custom alerts based on any criteria you specify!
Custom Studies
  • Perform complex data extractions and analysis per your individual needs
  • Provide various reports to help understand the data and make decisions
  • Optional ongoing alerts for matches relative to your study
  • Can be performed on any data source (e.g., Investigations, Complaints, Recalls and Documents)
New activities are loaded daily. Custom alerts can be provided according to any schedule the user dictates.
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