Subscription-Based Services

Subscription-Based Services

Standard Subscription Includes:

Datrato Web-based solution, with data sets:

1 – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

    • Defect Investigations
    • Recalls
    • Complaints
    • Technical Service Bulletins

2 – The Center for Auto Safety (CAS)

    • Complaints

 Robust search functionality

    • word/phrase searches
    • investigation number searches
    • recall number searches
    • complaint number searches
    • TSB number searches
    • frequency and chart drill-down report generation
    • access to five (5) custom word searches and/or custom search filtrations in total

Document management system

    • ability to view and download the data documents and any data or other information extracted
    • ability to access and generate reports, data and analysis
    • Customizable alerts

Premium Subscription Includes:

    • Everything in Standard Subscription
    • Early warning data
      • Production Volume
      • Death and Injury
      • Property Damage
      • Advanced search and statistical analysis:
    • Access to the Statistical Analysis functionality for Defect Investigations, Recalls and Complaints, including:
      • Tabular statistics report
      • Statistical chart report by manufacturer and statistical chart report by component. Additionally, for the complaint data module
      • Ability to perform complaint rate analysis, time base analysis, and proportion analysis.

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