Data Sources:

  • Complete Complaints, Recalls, Investigations, Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) and Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) data available from NHTSA
  • Complete Complaints data available from CAS
  • Complete Early Warning Volume, Early Warning Death and Injuries, Early Warning Property Damage data from NHTSA
  • All the associated documents available for Complaints, Recalls, Investigations, and Technical Service Bulletin
All data updated on a daily basis!


Datrato Technology:

  • Information parsed and processed for all Open Resumes, Close Resume, and inquiry letters for all investigations
  • Very powerful, flexible and intuitive search
    • Multiple keywords search (e.g., ‘engine’ with ‘fire’ or ‘smoke’ or ‘flame’)
    • Proximity search (keyword A is near keyword B: e.g., ‘airbag’ near ‘deploy’)
    • Multiple parameter combinations, which may include model year, manufacturer, make and/or model  (e.g., ‘2012-2013 Ford, GM, or Toyota vehicles’)
    • Search by date ranges: Search by activities in a given week, month, quarter or year, providing rate per vehicles built. (e.g., all complaints in January 2013 for Ford, all complaints in last month, etc.)
    • Searches within searches, which allows the user to perform word search or proximity search on an existing search, in order to further refine the result set (e.g.: existing word search for ‘airbag’ and sub-search for ‘airbag did not deploy’)
Ease of Use:
  • All searches and results are automatically saved, to allow user to view them at a later date.
  • Statistical analysis is automatically performed on each search.
  • Multiple format reports are available for each search (e.g., tabular list reports, detailed print report, graphical chart reports, and statistical analysis reports).
  • Generate PDF reports with a single click.
  • Allows downloading of the data for further analysis.
Robust Reporting:
  • Provides statistical summary reports with drill-down capabilities, to allow the users to look at the big picture as well as allow them to further drill down all the way to the detailed report.
  • Provides custom statistical analysis reports in graphical drill-down format.
  • Specialized Statistical Analysis Reports only available in Datrato:
    • Complaint Rate Analysis: compares the complaint rate across various manufacturers, make, model and model years.
    • Proportion Analysis: This report evaluates on a probability basis, if the proportions of complaints measured on different make, models, components, etc., can be considered equivalent or significantly different.
    • Company Profile Report: Shows the snapshot of the company in one glance with information about Complaints, Recalls, Investigations, TSBs, Volume, Death & Injuries, Property Damage and CAS Complaints.
    • Investigator Profile Report: Shows the snapshot information about the NHTSA investigator, such as number of investigations, open investigations, closed investigations, percent investigations upgraded, etc.


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